Environmentally Friendly

Bemis Manufacturing fully recognizes the need to be strong stewards of our environment. For Bemis sustainability means combining economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility. Using technology and experience, our desire is to drive continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance.

Bemis Retail Solutions has partnered with our suppliers to scientifically define, understand, measure and manage sustainability through lifecycle analysis of our products.

Reducing Consumption and Emissions
  • Web enabled energy management software analyzes and meters power used for injection molding and extrusion processes.
  • Switch to florescent lighting saves 5,768,930 kWh of electricity annually. That is the equivalent of saving 5,721,753 gallons of gasoline annually.
  • Insulation of compression die molds saves 1,665,211 kWh of electricity annually
  • All energy conservation projects have helped displace 11,509,190 kWh annually
  • A specially designed water cooling system removes heat from water quickly and efficiently reducing thermal pollution in our local waterways. This promotes a healthier environment for fish and other wildlife. This system also reduced our overall water consumption by two-thirds.
  • Water based paints and environmentally friendly colorants significantly reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions.
  • Bemis Health Care fluid waste management systems manufactured for hospitals and clinics significantly reduce medical waste volume and cost.

  • Innovative co-injection techniques use regrind waste in cores of products instead of going to landfills or other waste streams. Up to 50%
  • Several million pounds of postindustrial wood shavings each month become recycled wood composite toilet seats.
  • Our packaging uses more than 75% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.
  • Bemis re-grinds production plastic waste at the molding machine for immediate re-use.
  • Our shopping carts include re-cycled material and are 100% recyclable at end of life.