Child Safety & Comfort

The Bemis child seat is designed for improved safety and comfort.

The seat is positioned lower and surrounded by the wide basket support. A lowered center of gravity reduces the risk of a tip over or a child accidentally falling from the cart. Enclosing the seating area helps prevent arms and fingers being put through the basket.
  • Lower seat position for a lower center of gravity making it less likely to tip.
  • Higher basket walls make it harder for a child to climb out.
  • Sides of the cart in child seat area have been closed, making it difficult for a child to put fingers or arms through the basket.
  • SystecSafety Belt System allows for convenient one-hand operation to keep the child upright at all times and adjusts automatically to the size of the child.
  • Contoured seat back.
  • Generously rounded leg holes.
  • Smart device holder to keep the child happily distracted during shopping.