A limited warranty is available for the innova carts. Bemis will, at its option, repair or replace any Product that fails to meet the Limited Warranty or Color Warranty, at no charge. If Bemis determines that it can neither repair nor replace the Product, Bemis will refund the purchase price of the Product.

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Environmentally Friendly


Bemis Manufacturing fully recognizes the need to be strong stewards of our environment. For Bemis sustainability means combining economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility. Using technology and experience, our desire is to drive continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance.

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Child Safety & Comfort


The Bemis child seat is designed for improved safety and comfort. The seat is positioned lower and surrounded by the wide basket support. A lowered center of gravity reduces the risk of a tip over or a child accidentally falling from the cart. Enclosing the seating area helps prevent arms and fingers being put through the basket.

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