Proudly made in the USA, Bemis Retail Solutions introduces a contemporary shopping cart with real innovation that eliminates or reduces the costly and annoying issues that plague steel and hybrid carts.
  • Wheel Issues - Wear/Wobble
  • Rust/Finish Issues/Poor Appearance
  • Bent Frames
  • Nesting Issues
  • Broken Handles
  • Broken Seat Belts
  • Noise
  • Limited Life Expectancy
  • Dissatisfied Customers

Designed to handle the harshest environment and provide load capacity that rivals the best steel and hybrid carts.

A customers' first and last impression of your store is the shopping cart. Independent research shows ALL guests expect marginal or poor experiences with carts. The same issues that irritate you also annoy your customers. Innova provides your guest with style, function and performance unlike any steel or hybrid cart in the market today. Ergonomically designed with safe operation in mind, innova is easy and fun to drive.